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Lilli Bendriss: Dette er en kanalisering jeg fikk for noen år siden fra en energi som kaller seg The Universal Storyteller.
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The Universal Storyteller

Dette er en kanalisering jeg fikk for noen år siden fra en energi som kaller seg The Universal Storyteller.


In the universal flow of nothingness creates each human being his own unique Earth-drama. In this way he fills the void of nothingness with his imagination, he starts to build Castles in the heavenly cities of light. When he leaves his physical body his stories will have created a mark, a blueprint for all tomorrows. Others may so continue and try to fulfill his fully, being adventures.
Humans on flight in a holy communion with angelic beings of resonance, to resonate over new dreams and dramas, though mans creations will forever cease the hearts of the abandoned which is waiting at the city-gate for shelter. For are you not beings of light, waiting ,desiring to penetrate the nebulous of your soul nest.

I am a dreamer that dream endlessly and effortlessly about futures sprung like blistering storms to shatter and penetrate the established worlds.
Turning them upside down and with eloquence and grace eradicate the songs sung by the earth choir. Then I create new songs wich starts on a low key and I compose from the whirlwind the opulent and eloquent dramas of Aida, Tristian and Isolde, A Midsommernight Dream..Just to mention a few. Then I give a new twist to the old dramas and you play them over and over again, adapting to the changes.

I am the Universal Storyteller, so come sit by my feet and let your mind sparkle. Let your wings carry your hesitant heart over the horizon of obedience to dare engulf yourself into the abyss where my stories mold themselves into everlasting Hero and Heroines structures. I am the last of the storytellers. They have told me that the inspiration that we storytellers have bestowed upon you earth people are now bound, analyzed to death and carried to the graveyards to dematerialize themselves.


The time is NOW. You have been given the key to the Galactic Mastermind that roams within your tiny selves.
The Mind that is so eager to participate with your homogenic awakened selves to realize that which is already realized.
To alert the already awakened.
To bid farewell to the self-realized dream.
I am on a crossroad myself, My stories Crucified and laid at rest.

THEN FROM MY UNIVERSAL BODY I HAVE ARISEN and the children are are all around me with flowers in their outstretched hands. They dance and sing joyfully and my tears of liberation flow in an endless stream,watering the fields of lilies so the ghosts of old thought forms may arise and allow themselves to be dissolved by my tears.

I was told that the net of thoughts cast out millenias ago, are now being penetrated by new ones,which radiates by a higher frequency and thereby are closer to your soulprint.You have established a different agenda of enlightenment,trough which your bodily frame will expand beyond its present limitations. For Millenia to come you will dream this new drama and trough those dreams exercise your rightful inheritance to Godhood.

You are now in a curriculum of new ways to express God trough your enigmatic bodies of light. To reach out and grope to find enough strength to hold the light-filaments together in such a way that you will will not need to dissolve your physical form. You will then keep your vibration spin at the highest possible rate between invisibility and density program 399,and so be able to fluctuate between 576 and 399. This is called the Golden Age in the Veda scripture ,and the self realized yugas of the East have showed you by example how to do it.

Star souls have entered the Earth again and again to be teachers of the lost ways. They have been capable of penetrating the veil of man-held ignorance. Trough rigid discipline they have created an enormous vibrational global wave holding the power of transformation for their earthbound brothers and sisters to use. What I mean by earthbound is simply the animalistic behavior pattern bound in a certain density from which man is to evolve above. Meaning that this was the created drama, the holographic in-print which was set to last for a certain time-frame. Hence,nothing here is measured as good or bad. It is simply a chosen pattern of experience by which you would bind yourself to.

An intricate pattern which have been played out before by your brothers from Sirius and Orion. Orion has orchestrated a lot of happenings on the earth-plane, and frequently incarnated to pull strings that would set the dramas into new patterns,according to plan A going to plan B. Sirius wanted to govern you since they saw themselves as the wisest one. Something seems familiar here ? But as rebellious children you neglected the parental role and roamed the streets of your subconscious cities to make your own role models,and I would say that you missed out on a few good points who really could have set you free. You knew that you would somehow pay for your follies, and accepted that as well. Due to misinterpretation of divine guidance, you took a longer side road.
You did not make it easy on yourself. Your subconscious cities were soon to become jungles and labyrinths, from which you endlessly roamed around and around.
Your principal self kept you guarded however, and you are now in the process of clearing your jungles and remove the «dead end» signs.
However, it takes time to reorganise patterns. Going to fast, you will inevitably draw a lot of chaos into your surroundings. You were given a time frame, yes, but you have in the same time received the omnipotent non-time agenda of your higher self to implode the time-cell, so that they may adjust to different patterning. Saying that there is enough time and no time. Contradictory yes, but understand that on a global scale, you are malfunctioning to a certain point addressing encapsulated time. But as individuals you are exploring at length in different ways that there is no time at all, because you are starting to experience leap of time and lack of time.

An example:

You are working on a project. You look at your watch and you see it is ten o´clock in the morning. You are absorbed by your work,and just by starting to feel hungry your biological clock tells you that it is lunch time. You take a look at your watch and are quite surprised to see that it is already four o´clock. Your body did not adjust to the three times extra from one to four o´clock. The hunger signals was sent in the wrong time. This is because you experienced a time lap. You went outside linear time for a moment, and your biological clock was confused.

Another example:

You sit in your car and you start to drive from your home. Suddenly you see that you are a thirty minutes drive away and you cant remember how you got there. Well I tell you, you were on automatic pilot, and you were outside your linear self, joining free time and parallel time. Your brain is so on the point of breaking through the barriers of its limits that you are in the process of adjusting. When you do something which feels monotone to you, you slip into an Alpha state, from which you experience a different modulum of reality.

The magnetic revoltion around yourself diminishes and you liberate your consciousness from a certain set of laws, which is only chemical impulses anyway. To consider this liberation into meaningful order you have to cast aside your judgement about yourselves as limited.

The only way beloved, is to judge yourselves through the eyes of love, seeing your errors, and allow yourselves to find the ways trough the labyrinths of your souls, is to carry the memories of error as you see it fit to bestow those experiences in the ways through the heart of justice to set the path straight. Errors is but misinterpretations of the reality by which you willfully enacted your part. When a child as a baby starts to learn to eat by itself, it does not see using its hand to fetch the food instead of using a fork as an error. Just the mothers constant way of teaching the child to take the food on a fork, imprints that behaviour on the child’s mind as the correct way of bringing the food to its mouth.

So have you come to live by certain rules imprinted in your behaviour patterns as right or wrong. Then you judge yourselves accordingly by those same rules. These are also commonly accepted. Your soul is teaching you the rights and the wrongs from its point of view, and since your soul is deterred by your lack of self-worth, it is balancing and highwaying its way to your solar plexus, so that through your gut feeling you will start to behave accordingly by what feels right for you.

All moral discipline has come pure and beautiful to the planet by self realized souls, but their teachings became so obscured by the lower ego rule of the guardians of the teachings, that discipline became tyranny, where rules enslaved others by instigating doctrines of their own pleasing. To create a hierarchy of leaders and followers.

It is to understand this enigma fully, necessary that you created for you the experience of being both the victim and the victimizer, which of course firmly glued these archetypes to your whole emotional bodies. When you got stuck in what was meant to be a passing experience, you devoted yourself life after life to firmly cement these archetypes deeper and deeper throug your emotional bodies, encasuling them there, passing the dialogs from your central nervous system in the brain towards your higher mental mind, so that you also firmly established a protocol of created entities that would control you. For what is the devil except your need to intervene with one. You were told that he existed and by that belief you created him.

Your devils are the poor emissaries from the hidden thought pattern of the denied God in yourself and the denial of honoring that God self. By dismissing God as yourself, you whipped the devil (denial) into your egocentric DNA, infiltrating the cell as (cancer) by lack of wholeness (the cell being whole, full, form perfect). When the cell do not experience itself as whole, it opens up its membrane for something to fill it (penetration, cancer ).

AIDS is disillusion of the cells experience of themselves as worthy. Ego conflict, lack of self-realized love. Seeking others to love that which one does not manage to love itself. A pattern being established. Intrusion and abortion of cellular information to the sub-atomic particles in the brain, creating the enigma of aborting the cellular memory of protection. The immunity system damaged. The suffering of the victims refracting into the cellular hologram of compassion,working out guilt on a holographic perspective through self-analysis, creating a web of constricted thoughts, were individualism starts to blend into the compassion of all, wanting to help, wanting to care,wanting to share, wanting to do something about it. Death contra life. Disperse of all unwanted.

Excavate the depth of the malignant force of abundance contra the force of depletion. Your sickness has reached the depth of the cellular coding. Penetrated the physical, as the Sun cracks fissures in the soils moist flesh. So your higher light-being, your central Sun, has penetrated the surface of your memory, to go all the way to the beginning of your drama in this chosen time-wave pendulum.
You are now living your refractions one by one, to become enacted as one being, shining like the trillion stars that created and inhabited your physical universe. Your selves are but replica of stars,and as your cell on a microscopic level learns about their fullfillment, so will the stars compliment each new discovery by radiating new frequencies in an ever exploding, imploding dance of creativity.

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